Thursday, July 30, 2009

Harassed by Some Wrasse

My favorite fish to see are the wrasse family of fish. This is because they aren't shy and can be quite inquisitive especially when you find them near beds of rock, rubble and dead coral. When this happens you can pick up a rock and turn it over then tap it against other rocks to capture their attention. It becomes feeding time at that point and you can lure these very brightly colored fish in close enough for them to flick you with their tail, as one yellow tailed coris wrasse did to me! Enjoy the video it has lots of pictures of many different kinds of wrasse as well as pictures of Dennis and I diving and interacting with them. At the end of the video apparently a Hawaiian cleaner wrasse decided that something looked tasty on Dennis. Quickly he caught the cleaner wrasse on video trying to give him a bath.

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