Thursday, July 16, 2009

Music Video Montage of Manta Ray Dives

It took most of yesterday to use iMovie and put together some of the video we took while diving with the manta rays. I've only used this program one other time so I'm still learning how to make the most of the many options it has to offer. Dennis and I have already decided to purchase a new HD camera because our little Cannon Power Shot really doesn't show the great dive as well as it could. I hope you enjoy it! I especially had fun working with all of the texting and photo imaging and panning that was available on the application and used it for the end of the video a lot.
This is still rated one of the top ten dives in the world to do by many dive resources. With ten to twelve mantas showing up to feed this night it was serene and graceful to watch the mantas dance. One of my favorite parts is the lights that illuminate all of the plankton! As crazy as this sounds when you dive you can feel these tiny creatures like fizz touching your lips and cheeks while they hover in the water. During this dive we explored around the rocks and found a zebra moray eel which was incredible and I'll post some amazing photos we got of him later. It is a little long for a video but I hope you enjoy what I put together!

After this dive we took the snorkelers back to port and then made our way three miles off shore to do a black water dive. We were able to see some amazing creatures from the deep make their way to around thirty feet and float past us. While we didn't get any great pictures of this dive, because I need a much better camera and strobes and lighting, it was an amazing experience to be in the open ocean in pitch black water drifting with the boat. I was even the first one to jump in... and no there were no sharks. :) Towards the end of that forty-five minute adventure we even heard the clicks and squeaks of dolphins out hunting somewhere near our dive, too bad they didn't swim closer. Although something that big might have scared me!

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