Saturday, July 4, 2009

Blogger Blues

Although we've made our way to Kona, Hawaii and have already enjoyed a few dinners, dives, walks along the beach and amazing sunsets, the internet connection here is lacking and I will have to postpone most of my blogs and experiences until I return home.
In the meantime, I will try to take notes and lists of the fun times that we've already experienced and those to come in order to make some wonderful posts in the weeks to come.
Our first evening here we took a short walk along the beachfront that is just a hop, skip and jump from our villa where we are staying. Cara saw her first sea turtle that moved along the shoreline. It made her jump a little as she thought it was a rock at first. I took along my camera, as always, and will continue to take photos both above and underwater so stay tuned for the great photos to follow.
We were lucky to fit in the car we rented to come home from the airport. Our luggage was flowing from the back of the car through the middle almost suffocating Darby and into the floorboard below my feet! It's a good thing we will only have to make this trip back to the airport when we leave!
It will be a fun vacation-- I mean family trip-- !!!

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