Monday, July 6, 2009

Sand Piper Dive Site, Kona Hawaii

First time back in the big blue pool! Austin just made his giant stride into the water behind me and we are going to make our way to the bottom, about forty feet below to wait for Cara. She is trying her first Discovery Scuba Dive today with Dean from Big Island Divers. She was such a trooper!
Dennis hanging loose near the surface to snorkel with Darby.
Cara with Dean learning to inflate and deflate her Buoyancy Control Device.
Austin hanging out on the bottom with me while Cara makes her way to the bottom slowly learning to equalize and clear her mask, which kept filling with water... we decided she smiles too much! :)
Still chillin'!
Hey mom, how many fingers am I holding up? 
Hang Loose mom! Okay Jimmy Neutron, boy genius! Gotta love scuba hair!!!

Cara, mask#2...
Equalizing while making her way down the mooring line with Dean, her instructor, watching.
Back up to the surface to try one last mask that hopefully won't flood! I mean REALLY flood! The other two so far kept flooding and burning her eyes. But she didn't give up!

I made my way to the stern to check on Darby (on the ladder) getting ready to snorkel.
There is a monster in the sea! Her name is Darbinator!!!!! She likes to go after the scuba diver's bubbles as they rise to the surface getting larger and larger and "pop" them with her hand.

While we were waiting for Cara and Dean, Austin and I found this stripe belly puffer fish chilling with us.

Okay, third time's the charm! Cara is on her way to the bottom of the ocean with Dean!

Mask #3... Dean's mask, I don't know what he ended up using?
She did it though! She is diving, in gear, at the bottom of the ocean!
Cara and Dean, he was so patient with her and her first dive!

The girl was a natural, look at her clear that mask!
Check out that trim in the water too... Cara I think you need to get certified... :)
See!!!! She is all smiles, just not with a regulator in her mouth, otherwise her mask floods!
A few cool pics of fish she got to see... better ones to come in later posts! I promise!

Dennis finally took a few photos of me, I forgot to wear my hood, I hate bangs in my face when I'm scuba diving!
Sunbathing... 40 feet below...
Time for a safety stop then out of the pool... for an hour...

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