Thursday, June 25, 2009

Swapping Weather

The week grandpa and grandma came to visit couldn't have been any more beautiful. My dad, who's favorite channel is The Weather Channel, welcomed the reprieve of hot and humid Mississippi to a cool and delightful week in Oakdale, California. I believe on the warmest day it was a staggering 85 degrees or so with no humidity present. The mornings were brisk and sunny with temperatures dipping into the high sixties or low seventies and by early evening had returned to the mid seventies. This made for family bar-b-cues on the patio eagerly anticipated enjoyable.  Although swimming was done earlier in the day, the fortuitous weather allowed everyone stay cool without the often required dip in the pool. While preparing dinner and waiting for it to cook, a game of  "swap" was enjoyed by grandparents and kids. 

After returning home, my dad said that it was hot, dry and windy rather than the standard hot, humid and rainy. And, while my mom stayed for another week the weather returned to the more standard hot conditions for this time of year. I was glad that the 105 degree temperatures we experienced a couple weeks before he arrived decided to go elsewhere during his stay.

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