Thursday, June 25, 2009

Climbing El Capitan in Yosemite

While relaxing after our afternoon lunch at the Cathedral campsite, we set up our camp chairs along the river's rocky beach just across the face of El Capitan.  This colossal mountain didn't seem so enormous until as we were admiring it's majesty we spotted a few mountain climbers. Now, I couldn't even spot them without my camera lens and my dad, who took the majority of these photos, enjoyed the "Where's Waldo" game we made out of it. These first few photos are using my Nikon D300 with only a 200mm lens (the all-purpose lens that works almost all the time). I actually had to get my larger 300mm zoom lens to get some of the later pictures and the climbers still look like itty-bitty ants despite the telephoto lens. I came to more appreciate that day how amazing a climb up the sheer wall of El Capitan might be, and although I have no plans on climbing it... ever... I'm impressed with people who can and have!

The next photo has one climber we spotted after returning home and examining the photos on aperture with the loupe application, this was one of my dad's favorite surprises.

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