Thursday, June 25, 2009

Scenery and Family Time at Cathedral Campground in Yosemite

There is a large fallen tree that marks the entrance to Cathedral Campground where we had lunch in Yosemite. It is a beautiful setting at the base of El Capitan just on the other side of the river. We enjoyed our picnic in the woods where there were mosquitos the size of Texas, note to travelers... bring bug repellent of some kind! But, after our picnic we made our way to the river edge. The water spilling from the mountains is ice cold and the mosquitos stay away tucked back in the dense forest just beyond the sandy shoreline. This particular spot has a wonderful sand and gravel bank that stretches along the campsite and the site itself is off the main road enough that car travelers don't usually make a stop there. This is nice because it allows for a scerene and tranquil setting to take a blanket, chairs, camera, and yes, even kids to wander around and take in the beauty of Yosemite. My dad and I made use of the camera taking in pictures of El Capitan, the river, the family simply put... everything. We experimented with different settings and came out with some beautiful shots.El Capitan just across the river's edge and beyond the line of trees...
El Capitan and down river...
Up river...
My dad, enjoying his day off!
Darby, getting into mischief!!!

Austin, in shades!
Dad, a giant... if we just stacked up four of him couldn't he reach the pinnacle of El Capitan? :)

A happy man is one who is on vacation... with family :)

I think pinnacle of the mountain seen upstream from the river is why Cathedral campground is named. The stone remarkebly resembles cathedrals of long past.

Moths sunning themselves on the rocks..

Darby, hanging out in the water. It was so cold but she totally didn't care!

Our fearless leader, NAPTIME!

This is a perfect spot... My dad, the thinker...
Again, playing with B & W settings on camera, not sure if I like it's feature or if I prefer B & W film...

Pretty mom/grandma!

The best way to take a nap is with your kids hanging out with you!

Just me and my mom... we were eating fresh cherries and having a cherry pit spitting contest... My mom won! I couldn't believe how far she could shoot a cherry pit! UNREAL :)

"Daddy, do you have a headache?"

Austin collecting and examining the rocks...

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