Thursday, June 25, 2009

Scuba Splashin' Grandpa

It has been four months since I last went scuba diving in the ocean. So, while my dad was here visiting, and, as he was curious about my passion of diving, I donned my gear found some for him and took him on a tour of my pool. It was really exciting to show my dad the technology behind diving and some of the rudimentary skills needed to dive safely. I hope he was impressed by my knowledge and passion for the sport. In one week I'll be back in Kona, Hawaii diving to certify as a PADI Rescue Diver, a requirement I've made for myself before I go diving in any remote locations that don't have the US Coast Guard nearby.
My son wanted to dive in gear too but since I don't have any for him he had to make do without. Austin really wants me to purchase gear for him; gear including a BCD, regulator, computer, and wetsuit and since he is a certified PADI open water diver I understand his desire. But, since his is ten and will swiftly grow out of any gear I buy for him he had to survive swimming alongside grandpa and me while showing him the ropes of diving in his mask and fins.
I think I convinced dad of the tranquility that scuba diving in the ocean could provide. If I could put him on a boat I might have him hooked! Now to get Grandma in the water! Maybe next time we go to Hawaii...
Going UP!

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