Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Go! Game

When Grandpa came, Austin introduced him to the game known now as Go. Austin has been actively involved in an after school Go club that teaches the game as well as strategies and scoring involved. Knowing that my father likes board games, including and especially strategic games like chess, I thought this would be a great opportunity for them to get better acquainted with each other and for Austin to enjoy quality time with his Grandfather.
After few lessons on basic play, the game began...
Austin and Grandpa were both intrigued by each other's moves, but more often than not, Austin kept getting the better of his Grandfather!
Hopefully, however, grandpa found the game fun and interesting. They played many games though the course of grandpa's visit, Austin always spouting rules and reasons why he was acquiring more and more territory, thus winning each and every game. Maybe grandpa will continue to play the game through other resources and try to beat his grandson in matches to come.

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