Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Grandparent Effect

My typical, now seven year old, has a seventeen year old attitude to match her blossoming personality. Brimming with sarcasm at times my sweet little Darby-doll sometimes transforms into the Darbinator! At other times her sense for performance and appeal lends her to become Dramatic Jane. These are my silly bug's endearing nicknames around our house on any given day you will find one of the three residing within my walls. 

However, something mysterious happened while grandparents were visiting. She felt inspired to be the stellar daughter and almost every evening she voluntarily began clearing away dirty dishes from the table and loading the dishwasher. 
Not only was she proud of this accomplishment, which was, by the way, done very well with no direction on how to load a dishwasher from me, I was amazed that she had payed enough attention while I had numerous times loaded and unloaded the appliance to have created a masterpiece out of the chore!
I love my kids, especially when the grandparent effect is in place. Since they went home she has yet to load the dishwasher again for me... willingly that is.

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