Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Spiderman-aka- Peter Parker -aka-Austin

Austin found a home at the rock climbing gym. He is keenly aware of his age, that he will be in junior high next year, and, um... girls. So he has been interested in going to work out at the gym here in town which holds a boys strengthening and coordination class three times a week. This was his first introduction to rock climbing with our great friends, who are semi-professionals. Kyle, who helped him with his gear and set him out on his first few climbs told him little about the actual skills and allowed him to go on instinct alone this first trip. He was amazed at Austin's prowess and nimble ability to shimmy up even what is considered a more challenging climb. So along with our family's knack for giving code names, Kyle dubbed Austin, "Spiderman."

Austin was very proud of his accomplishments that day and can't wait to climb again. At least he is climbing walls now and not making me climb them with attitude or angst! Way to go my little man!

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