Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rock Climbing... And Falling

While in San Francisco a couple of weekends ago, our dear friends took us to an amazing rock climbing facility. Planet Granite, is located in the Presidio park under the Golden Gate Bridge. We were all excited to try climbing for the first time as a family. After getting into all of our gear Kyle went over a few safety considerations and language used by climbers to help us start our adventure. Then "climb on" was announced and Darby was the first to try. She climbed next to her very best friend, a veteran of the sport and Ru helped her the entire time. She made it up about half way the first climb and got a little nervous and was belayed down. Then it was my turn... I (had the camera and didn't photograph myself... hee hee)!

Kyle, thinking he was cute, wanted to check my nerves so he announced, "Let me see your hands." I held them up thinking, "I wonder why he needs to see my hands?" They were completely still and unwavering to which he replied, "That's how I check to see how nervous you really are, cause you can say you're not nervous but shaking hands don't lie!" I laughed and said "Belay on!" (I'm not sure if I'm spelling that term correctly but I'm too tired to research it!) I surprised myself to be so self assure and steadfast because I'm really not a fan of heights, but for some reason I was not the slightest bit nervous. In fact, I found myself somewhat anticipating the climb wondering if I was strong enough to make it to the top on the first try. On the first climb I made it about two-thirds of the way and lost my grip. But the second time I found my way to the top. Everyone took turns and the climbing got more fun and more difficult.

Dennis found himself in a couple of sticky positions but had a fantastic time figuring out the wall and the climb. He made it to the top accompanied by Ru on the rope adjacent then the kids went with me to climb on the shorter boulder climbs that didn't require a rope.

See, I made it to the top! And Ru took the picture to prove it!
Well, we had a little mishap during the kids boulder climbing. Darby fell on her ankle from about ten feet high in between two mats and it twisted underneath her weight. Planet Granite was wonderful about handling the injury. Immediately they called EMS who were prompt at getting attention to Darby. The entire time she was upset about getting injured her sole voiced concern was whether or not we would be able to attend the new Cirque Du Soleil show "Ovo" to which we had tickets that evening. She was such a trooper. The paramedic wrapped her ankle we donned it with ice and she got the royal carriage of dad's arms for the rest of the weekend. She made it to the show, to dinner afterward, and despite the few minutes that she was crying in pain she ultimately decided that climbing was still fun.
Although she got injured her first time out, she says she can't wait to climb again, she'll just stick to the climbing with the ropes!
Upon returning home from that weekend and her foot and ankle became more swollen and bruised, we took her to see Austin's podiatrist and our good friend and radiologist. She is now in a cast due to the fact that she is unable to put any weight on her left leg and there is a chance that she fractured a growth plate or tore a ligament or tendon. Although the images were not conclusive as to where or what. She has a great pink and purple striped cast to wear for the next four weeks.

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