Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree!

I know I haven't written anything that our family has been doing for the past few months and despite the lack of posts we have had a whirlwind end to the year! I thought I'd start to back track by posting the beautiful tree that will be laden with gifts tomorrow evening, many from friends and family that we have been able to visit these past few months. Right after Thanksgiving, and I do mean, right after our meal, I began to labor about the house decorating everything I could possibly get my hands on. Because for the past two years we have spent our Christmases in Kona, Hawaii with the kids, I haven't put the tree up or decorated the interior of our home because we were gone. This year we knew we would be staying home for a change and with that we would try to accomplish many of the traditions our family began before we started a yearly trek to Hawaii. The first of which being the decor. It really sets the mood of our home for the holidays and it is something that, if I'm going to set the time aside to accomplish, I want to see it for as long as possible! So here are some photos of our home, in all of the Christmas cheer we set out to bring in!
Of Course, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a beautiful new Nativity. I found this one recently and couldn't resist it's glorious colors and depictions of love on the faces.
Our tree got a makeover this year, as the one we have used in years past gave up it's last light, so we donated it to the church Christmas party and got a new one in it's stead and decorated it in all matching ornaments of red and green blown glass.

I love receiving cards from friends and family, especially when they contain letters or pictures!
We hung the stockings with some new stocking holders that, in the evening, glow different colors from the LED lights within. Our stockings are one of a kind for each of us as great grandma Asay has knitted Dennis', mine, and Austin's and grandma Asay was able to knit Darby's upon her arrival into the family. They are a tradition that many of my siblings are requesting Grandma to make for them as well. I'm not sure if I'll get this assignment in my future, but if I do I'll need to learn to knit!
Ever since I was a little girl I have loved the "Nutcracker." As each year passes I add a nutcracker to my growing collection that have found their display atop my kitchen cabinets.

This creche was made by my dad's cousin especially for Dennis and I during our first Christmas together. It is beautifully displayed in the dining room on the built in cabinets and looks very festive with our table set and waiting for Christmas dinner to be served. I was able to use great grandma Ancell's sterling silverware and silver candlesticks to dress it up even a bit more.

Santa sits by the front staircase taking note of children being bad or good!
Our entry got two more trees to flank the front door. But,...
My favorite thing this year is our new tree and it's beautiful decorations.

As always, I add my collection of goose egg ornaments that are each one of a kind. When I can I like to give these away as gifts for ornament exchanges and such because they are so unique. Most people don't even realize that they are real eggs! This is one of my favorites.

From our house to yours I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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