Friday, December 25, 2009

Iconic Golden Gate

It is almost impossible to take a bad picture of this amazing structure. Whenever we are in the city I try to get a few shots if we are in a good place to do so. After our minor incident while climbing I asked Dennis to drive me over to a great location where I knew I'd be sure to capture the bridge in all it's splendor and he'd just wait in the car with the kids. I had to run quickly past a few gates and under and over a couple of barricades but I got to that spot and came up with these images.
The sun was just starting to seep through the foggy mass and the vibrant red of the bridge looked as if it were on fire. So with the blue skies rolling in and the sun burning off some of the fog I captured a few images of our gateway to the bay.
I turned a few into black and white compositions, however, to this day I prefer black and white film photography as opposed to digital. I suppose it is a matter of choice, but I consistently see blacker blacks and richer tones with film. Still, I think the few I changed turned out better than I anticipated.

This is probably one of my favorites as you can see the beautiful brilliant red of the bridge contrasted by the vibrant blue of the skies above the fog.

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