Saturday, October 17, 2009

Team Work!

Darby and Brooklyn found each other to be wonderful cousins. Although it had been Christmas nearly three and a half years ago since they were together, and Brooklyn was just a baby, it seemed as if they had known one another forever. They spent the nights together while we were staying in Baton Rouge and found themselves in more than one precarious position. Quite ingeniously however, they developed a working application to "workout" on Uncle Gerald and Aunt Paige's elliptical machine. Kudos for them, because the rest of us just watched them work!

Later on we all were surprised by the "Aunt Paige! You're light is going to fall down!" outburst. Needless to say the twosome had discovered how to twist the chandelier in the dining room around and around until it's wiring popped and the whole fixture was hanging by a thread. They were somewhat terrified by the almost accident but it didn't halt their scheming ways. After Dennis fixed the desperate chandelier the following morning, the two were again inseparable throughout our stay. It was lovely for Darby to have spent some precious time with a cousin she rarely is able to see. They had a blast together as more photos from our trip in later posts will show. This was their first of many endless fun events during our stay.

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