Monday, October 26, 2009

Pickin' Pumpkins

After making it to the pumpkin blasting (you know, first things first) we headed over to the pumpkin patch where everyone picked out their own pumpkin to eventually gut and carve into spooky jack-0-lanterns.
The bridge behind of the pumpkins is for the hay ride that will take you around the property and through the twelve foot tall stalks of corn that surround a very well thought out maze that can be seen in great detail from the air.
Austin is always pretty quick to pick out his perfect orange beauty...

Ruby was pretty quick too to determine which she would take home as her own. While Darby, on the other hand, picks one up and hollers, "This is it!" followed by a quick, "Na, maybe not" and runs to another part of the patch.

Still looking...
Dennis carries some of the heavier lanterns-to-be and loads them into a wheelbarrow and awaits Darby's determination to discover her perfect squash.

She came to a quick halt here... could this be the one???
Ruby says "Oh, the drama of it all!"
While her mom finds a place to sun bathe!
"Not a bad idea, mom! I think I'll give it a try too!"

Darby says, "Pumpkin picking is very frustrating work!"
Doc says "Are we done yet, this wheel barrow is getting heavy..."

Last one? Yep, now it's time to have more fun here at the farm... They still have pony rides, hay rides, a corn maze, tricycle racing, gem collecting, and jumping on an enormous blown up tent of some kind! So yes, there will be more to come from this glorious Saturday morning in Lathrop, California. Stay tuned!!!

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