Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lunch at Roberto's

Going home to my Southern roots means, for me, Southern cooking. Jambalaya, etoufee, shrimp creole, crawfish pie, fried alligator, and hushpuppies just to name a few, are some of the delicious eats that Baton Rouge has to offer. Before we even thought about coming back to California I made sure that we visited a local restaurant endeared by the locals for good Creole cooking. Roberto's River Road Restaurant was just the place. I was so hungry and excited to eat my fried catfish smothered in crawfish etoufee, I plumb forgot to take any pictures of the cuisine! Luckily Dennis had in hand his new high definition camcorder and we have a few shots of us all in the restaurant enjoying the crawfish extravaganza.
Darby wasn't to sure about the idea of crawfish, until I told her they tasted better than shrimp and more buttery than lobster. She was all over it at that point and devoured her entire plate!
Roberto's is a humble abode just across the levee from the wandering muddy Mississippi along River Road we made it there just before they closed for the afternoon before dinner started. Don't let it's douty shack appearance fool you, this is truly some of the best authentic cajun food you can digest in Louisiana.
Sam and Brooklyn excited to eat!

On the chalkboard above and behind Sam's head was the soup du jour "Cream of Brie with Crabmeat." Can we all say YUMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!! Sam was the only intelligent person there to order the decadent soup and it was passed from person to person all wishing to have ordered it right along with him. He was much displeased when his "can I have a taste" round robin came back to him practically empty.

To pass the time Gerald thought making an outline of baby Lane on the paper tablecloth would entertain us all. When Austin was given the task to draw her a heart we were even more entertained because instead of the simple or traditional heart shape Austin had other plans...he decided to illustrate her insides by drawing a heart complete with ventricles, aorta, and other such medical necessities a heart would need to function. Laughing we then asked him to draw her kidneys, intestines and lungs which he did to the nearest degree of authenticity a sixth grader could provide.

Darby was proud of her hearts she drew with Brooklyn.
This is a "MUST GO TO" restaurant if you ever find yourself down River Road along the Mississippi in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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