Monday, October 26, 2009

Put on Your Boots

While visiting my grandmother, who was a model in her younger years, I discovered two pairs of Hyer Olathe boots that she would wear. I had seen these boots a number of times in various pictures of her though her youth and simply fell in love with them as she modeled them in some of her photos.

I was dumbfounded to uncover the same boots tucked in two grocery bags at the bottom of an old metal filing cabinet on the patio of her covered porch. The unlikeliness that the same boots would fit me was also bewildering, and yet, they both fit my feet like gloves.
They are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own at the moment. Perhaps it is because they are made with old time quality that is not the norm of society today, maybe it is due to the fact that I mentally willed them to fit, or possibly they were just meant to be passed on to my wandering feet, whatever the case may be I am now the proud owner of my beautiful red cowhide boots, pictured below, as well as a brown pair with wonderful green and pink stitching.

I'm considering setting aside any of my stiletto heels and wearing these fantastic vintage boots any day of the week, of course, I could always find another use for them later in life. The pictures below are of my sister's fun bird house boot that I simply couldn't resist. In fact, it almost made it into my suitcase!

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