Friday, September 5, 2008

A Vacation Day?

Today was void of any earth shattering excitement at home. Because of this I even accomplished at least three of the items on the "to do 'cause I didn't do it yesterday" list. Well, no, maybe I didn't. But what I did do would include, to start, walking my dogs and even though I didn't walk for an hour, I walked both of them for a half hour, so that counts double. Right? Oh, and I did take a shower after walking! I have told my dentist I love him (it helps when he has the entire day off).

I even picked up the kids from school and helped Austin get started on the Powerpoint presentation part of his research project. So I guess I did accomplish more than I thought.

When I look at that short and somewhat random list, mentally I continually add other items that require further attention. But, I was simply to lazy to do most of it today. I didn't finish the's starting to pile up again. I didn't clean the bathrooms but don't panic they're not that bad. My kitchen has been dirty with a sink full of dishes for a couple of days can panic about's starting to smell. I haven't stepped foot into my studio since making the announcements seen in the post below. So art is on hold even though I don't want it to be. Currently I'm blaming it on looking and waiting for inspiration to strike. So far there haven't been any lightning storms. I haven't made dinner for the last few days, which means I haven't made a pit-stop at Raley's to grab any necessary ingredients. And no, I haven't even made the beds.

I didn't take the kids to school, but I sent them across the street to carpool with a great neighbor. Later she e-mailed me how the first carpool ride went and she described Austin as being quite comical and fun.

She then informed me of Austin's request for some Nintendo DS game. I was appalled, humiliated and somewhat embarrassed that he would have the gumption to ask a new friend and neighbor to purchase something. Fortunately she found it especially entertaining to talk with my character of a son. I'll have to remind him that just because I tell him not to ask me to buy silly games and he has plenty that doesn't mean for him to go and ask, beg, plead, or implore anyone else who will listen!

What does this mean, you ask? It means that Mom took a vacation day! I get them from time to time and I don't even have to ask permission or put in a request with the boss. I am the boss!
I spent the day in sheer laziness (except for the walking of the k-9 companions that was a chore!) How long will I be on vacation? Not long enough. Tomorrow is a new day and I better clean up my act!

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