Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Moms Were Made for Interrupting

You never know what will disrupt a seemingly quiet afternoon. As I was sitting down to compose yesterday's somewhat lengthy memoir I kept hearing a thud now and again at the window just next to my computer. Questioning whether or not my dentist was swooping by throwing mud chunks at the window to capture my attention and sing me sweet nothings with the tuba he played in high school, I opened the shutters. Unfortunately my imagination was getting the best of me. For the life of me I couldn't figure out what was going on. A few minutes passed and again a thud against the pane hampered my concentration on writing so I did what any detective savvy mother of two (who were both at school) thinking the dogs were playing tricks on me now would do. I grabbed my camera anxious to catch the disorderly culprit(s). I moved the shutters slightly and peered out into the garden supposing to observe my dogs jumping nearly fifteen feet to beg for my attention. But I later found them under the deck sleeping the afternoon away.

Suddenly a small brownish blot came flying at the window at full speed. A bird about the size of a small finch kept slamming into my window. After the first couple of blows you would think it would catch on that it wasn't a pass through. I had my camera ready and caught the silly thing landing afterwards in the tree just outside the window. I wonder if it was aiming for the tree the whole time? Maybe it was blind as a bat. Who knows but I have decided one thing...
My super sleuthing conclusion to this silly tale: When you're a mom, anything can and will interrupt whatever it is you are in the process of doing.

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Anonymous said...

Where is it???
Where is it?????
So, I come tripping sleepily into the computer room this morning, after having coaxed the boy out of bed for seminary once again, still groggy myself but anxious to see today's edition of " Ordinary Mom".
Why does it take so very long for the computer to warm up and to connect to the internet? Finally, at last the icons appear, the hour glass becomes an arrow, and the waiting game is over. I type in my password, carefully avoiding any wrong keys that would detain me any further.
My email page pops up and then it happens. emails waiting for me..."aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," sighs I, "My ordinary mom must have had a not so ordinary day yesterday leaving her no time to record the 'fulfillment' she found last night."
I think I'll go back to bed. I'll try to be patient and hope that tomorrow will greet me with better news; but it's hard.
I think I'm addicted.