Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Henry Weinhard's Root Beer Heaven

Root Beer Heaven from Dennis Schmidt on Vimeo.

My brother fell head over heels for his new precious little baby. We all did, she is just so adorable! According to Gerald there is just nothing better in life than drinking Henry Weinhard's Root Beer, holding your new little bundle of joy and enjoying a LSU football game.
We introduced him to the brand of Henry's when he and Paige visited us the first time right after they were married and it has ever since been his favorite brew. We knew how much he would love to have them when the entire family got together last month so we shipped four cases ahead of our trip to see them. They are now happily referred to as "brown soldiers" as Gerald calls them. Maybe we'll send some more for Christmas!
This was just such a fun moment of our time there and I'm still working on a longer version to splice together photos and video to send to all our family, but for now enjoy one of the "bloopers!"
As always... Stay tuned for more!

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